Track Repairs, Service & Rebuild

Our Trackex undercarriage and track repairs, service and refurbishment business boasts a highly trained and skilled team, vastly experienced in extending the life of your undercarriage. Our track repairs and rebuild service capabilities include reseals, repairs, grouser relugging, idler rebuilding, cleaner hole cutting, track shoe removal and more. With extensive knowledge in a range of heavy equipment from leading brands such as Caterpillar, Volvo and Hitachi, Trackspares’ undercarriage and track repair services save you time and money while improving the efficiency of your equipment.

Track Repairs
& Rebuilds

  • Track chain reseals & repairs
    • With our fully equipped Track presses operational in our two main branches in QLD & WA Trackex Undercarriage Rebuild Specialists can offer cost effective rebuilds in rapid turnarounds saving you downtime.
  • Grouser plate/ track shoe re-lugging
    • From Cat D10 – D11 Komatsu D375 – D575 including hard facing options for high abrasion conditions
  • Roller re-shell/ re-seal
    • If genuine is your preference, then our roller re-shelling & re-sealing options can save you valuable dollars
  • Idler rebuilding
    • Sub arc welding
  • Bush modification
    • Extend the life of your bushes with our low cost bush modifications while saving you money
  • Cleaner hole cutting reduce packing
    • Reduce packing
  • Post turn seals & high performance synthetic oil lubrication
    • Genuine Caterpillar seals – Cat synthetic oil used in reseals
  • Track pad reclamation
    • Re-pin & bush, line bore or complete reclamation of EX2500 – EX5500, RH120 – RH200
  • Pin & bush turn & replacement
    • KBJ replacement bushes
  • Failed iron reporting
    • Full CTS analysis and digital reporting
  • Failed joint repairs
    • In field or in house field repairs
  • Track shoe removal & repairs
    • With our state-of-the-art 6 sigma & WTC hydraulic nut torque machines with digital settings assure the correct tightness torque.
  • Mill link reduce track
    • Change heading to Track Link Milling
    • Reduce track aggravated vibration

Track Frame Service

Specialising in track frame rebuilds for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Reichdrill, Atlas Copco and other major brands.

  • Our overhaul service options include:
    • Midlife crack test and repairs as required
  • Full overhaul:
    • Strip/ measure & report – extensive report & full analysis
    • Sand blast & magnetic particle crack test & repair
    • Replacement & upgrade to 3 bolt minors bogies (caterpillar D11)
    • Remove & replace bogie pins
    • Line boring
    • Belly plate replacement
    • Heat treatment/ stress relief
  • Options include:
    • Loaded with rebuilt genuine or aftermarket undercarriage (track rollers, idlers etc.)
    • Aftermarket or genuine minor & major bogies, pins, guides/ parts etc.
    • Genuine or non genuine parts
    • Aftermarket or genuine minor & major bogies, pins, guides/ parts etc.
    • Genuine or non-genuine parts
  • Spine & structural upgrades, service exchange:
    Complete ready to go – toe out and straight frame Caterpillar D10 & D11 frames (others available at time of enquiry):
    • Reduce Down Time
    • Competitive Pricing
    • Service Exchange
    • Loan frames available for hire during repair*

    In-house rebuild facility to carry out professional, approved repairs of your track frames in express turnarounds.

Mobile Track Service

Our fully equipped mobile Track repair and breakdown service is available 24/7 and is capable of working on all equipment sizes from civil construction to mining. Whether it be replacing broken links ‘on site’ or utilising the convenience of our smaller press to split or re-join track chains, no job is too big or small.

  • 3 presses
    • 380 Tonne Mobile Press – capable of up to 994B
    • Excavator Anvil Press – perfect for 20 to 40 tonne excavators
    • CAT D10 Press up to 150tonne
    • Mobile Crane, Welder/Welding Equipment
    • Diesel Generator
  • Onsite CTS inspection
    • CTS Measurements
  • Qualified service team:
    • Licenced/ Approved
    • Experienced Field Service Team
    • Door-to-Door Rates 

Custom Track Service (CTS) Inspections

Our innovative undercarriage monitoring system provides the most accurate, on time and up to date reporting solution.

  • Our Custom Track Service (CTS) Management System is exclusive to Trackspares and has been independently developed for our client base. Our team are available to conduct periodic inspections on-site, providing:
    • Up to the Minute Wear & Performance Reports
    • CTS Measurements
    • Ability to Chart Service Life
    • Forecast Scheduled Changeout of Undercarriage Components

With 2 locations in Toowoomba, QLD and Neerabup, WA, our skilled team can handle all your track and undercarriage repair and replacement requirements. So whether you want to schedule a mobile track service or get a quote for the cost of a complete undercarriage replacement, contact our knowledgeable team today.